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How to Apply Discounts to Customers' Orders
How to Apply Discounts to Customers' Orders

Managing automated discounts

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Uphance makes it easy to apply discounts to your customers' orders. You can apply a discount to an item in an order, the entire order (blanket discount), or to a customer.

If you apply, say, a 10% discount to a customer, they will automatically receive a 10% discount on all their purchases going forward.

How to Apply Discounts to Individual Items in an Order

Note: You can only apply discounts to a new sales order or a draft order you haven't confirmed yet.

To apply a discount to an individual item, open the order and follow the steps demonstrated below:

How to Apply A Blanket Discount to an Order

A blanket discount is the discount you apply to the entire order, rather than the individual items in it.

To apply a blanket order, this time around, click the cogwheel icon, select blanket discount, enter the value and update:

How to Apply Discounts to a Customer's Profile

To apply a default discount to a customer, edit the customer's profile and input the percentage discount as illustrated below:

You can also create a Settlement Discount on the Order for early payment.  See our Settlement Discount Knowledge Article for more information.  

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