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Manage the Lifecycle of your Products (Adding, Deleting & Retiring)

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Before you can populate a sales order or production order, you'll need to add your products to your Uphance account. Luckily, it's quick and easy to add products to Uphance and only a minimum of information is required before you can get started building orders.

It's also possible to import product data by uploading a spreadsheet. All the different aspects of the product data (variations, pricing, images) can be specified in the spreadsheet.

Be sure to review our Product Key Concepts Knowledge Article before you begin adding products to learn more about Color and fabric variations, sizing systems and product categories.

Adding a product

First, choose the correct season and navigate to your Products page, then click the Plus sign in the top right to view the Add a Product form.

You can fill in as much details as you wish when creating your product.  Only the fields noted below are required for initial creation.  The other fields may be updated later as you further develop your product.  See Creating/Editing a New Product for details on further developing your product.

  • Product identifier

  • Sizes

  • A list of "Colorways" (or variations in fabric), one per line

For additional help, see also:

Deleting a product

You can delete a product with the Delete button on the product details tab. If this button is not available to click, then the product is in use somewhere and cannot be immediately deleted. The product is in use if:

  • The product has been added to a sales order.

  • The product has been added to a production order.

If a product has been used in a sales order or production order, that product cannot be permanently deleted. If you would like to remove the product from future use, you can Retire the product.

Retire a product

If you want to prevent a product from being added to new sales orders, click the "Retire" button at the bottom of the product details page. You can always undo this later.

Individual product variations can also be marked as removed from sale. You'll find a button next to each product variation on the product details page with which to do this.

Product images 

Add images of your products so that your buyers can browse, build and submit orders from your your Showroom (B2B/wholesale eCommerce) and retail eCommerce stores.  For details on adding your product images, see the Product Images Knowledge Article.  Note:  Images should be in JPEG format. We recommend a consistent aspect ratio (as square as possible) and a resolution of 1080x1080 to 2160x2160. 

Manufacturing (Raw materials/Services)

Each variation of a product can have different raw material specifications and/or Services. Specifications common among all variations of the product can be input into the Common section, while varying requirements can be stated in the individual color sections. Materials must be created in the Raw Materials database before they can be used here. And, Services must also be created within the Manufacturing Services database before they can be used here as well.  Required fields are listed below. See the Completing Product Setup article for details on configuring your Raw Materials. 

Raw Materials

  • Material

  • Quantity

  • Wastage percentage

  • Product variation


  • Service Type

  • Service Provider

  • Cost

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