How to Generate Pro-forma Invoices

Create a pro-forma invoice to detail the content and terms for a sale

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Proforma invoices are preliminary invoices you send to customers before confirming their sales order.

Depending on your arrangement with your customers, you can either send this invoice to request payments for a sale before shipping. Alternatively, you can send it to get the buyer's approval before shipping.

Uphance enables you to create Pro-forma invoices, and in this document, we will show you how to go about it.

How to Generate a Pro-forma Invoice

To generate a Pro-forma invoice, first, you need to create a new draft sale. Once you've created the draft sale, you can create a Pro-forma invoice for the sale in two ways as illustrated below:

Do keep in mind that Pro-forma invoices are different from regular invoices in that they do not affect accounts receivable, cannot have payments or credits applied to them and are not exportable to Xero or other accounting systems.

This is because they are preliminary and are often followed up with a regular invoice.

Once you've generated the Pro-forma invoice, you can download it to your machine or email it directly to your customer.

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