How to Import Products With Spreadsheets

Upload your product data to Uphance

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If you already have your product data saved in a spreadsheet or database, you can import that data into Uphance without having to manually create your products.

To do so, navigate to Product Information >> Products >> Actions >> Upload Products.

Locate the import file (CSV or Excel) and upload it to the system:

If you don't have the upload file ready yet, click the "this spreadsheet template" link to download the spreadsheet template.

Here's a snapshot of it:

Modify the template by pasting your data into each of the columns. When you are done, upload it right back into the system.

Upon clicking the Upload button, you will be automatically redirected to the file import page where you will see the file import history.

If the import had errors, you will also see it here. Click the Some errors... link to see the full details of the error.

Note: You can also check your notification to see if the import was successful or not.

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