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Create and manage your customer's payments
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Invoices remain in an open state until the balance is cleared either by recording payments or applying open credit notes to the invoice balance. This Knowledge Article describes creating and managing payments (where a customer has actually paid you money). 

Adding payments

To record a payment against an invoice:

  1. Navigate to your Sales Order.

  2. Select "Payment" from the Create, drop down menu on the top, right of your screen as shown in Figure 1.  Or, select Payment from the Payment drop down menu on your Invoice as shown in Figure 3.

  3. Once the "Add Payment" dialogue box is opened, ensure the correct Invoice is listed below the Invoice header.  If not, use the down arrow to select the correct invoice.  (Figure 2).

  4. Type the amount of the payment to apply to this invoice as shown in Figure 2 in the Amount field.

  5. Select the Source of the payment (Uphance payment, credit card, Bank Check, Bank Transfer, Cash or Other).  (Figure 2)

  6. List a reference number 

  7. Click Create Payment

Figure 1

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Applied payments are listed as "Less Payment" at the conclusion of the invoice on screen and also on the invoice PDF (if regenerated):

Figure 4:

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