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Create Pick Tickets for your warehouse/shipping staff

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Pick & Pack

If you have dedicated warehouse/shipping staff, or just want to perform your packing and shipping in a single step, you'll save time by using Uphance's dedicated Pick & Pack interface.  

After creating pick tickets for your individual customer sales orders, bring up the Pick & Pack interface by selecting "Pick & Pack" from the left, main vertical menu. From this menu, you can edit pick tickets and create shipments.  

A list of pick tickets is displayed on the right.  The top Pick Tickets were created but have not yet shipped.  And below is a list of Pick Lists that were recently created for shipments.  As you "ship" pick tickets (converting them to shipments), they will move from the upper list down to the lower list.

You can filter pick tickets by product or customer using the search box at the top of the list. Click the search button to apply your filter.

Editing a pick ticket

Click on a pick ticket to view the details of the ticket in the left part of your screen. At this point, you can then perform several actions:

  1. Amend the shipping address.

  2. Update shipping quantities.

  3. Enter tracking information (click on the button).

  4. Generate a delivery note or commercial invoice PDF.

  5. Ship the items (convert the pick ticket into a shipment).

  6. Print Shipping Address Labels

For additional information on creating Pick Tickets on individual sales orders, editing pick tickets or creating shipments, please see our Shipping Knowledge Article.

Exporting Pick Tickets for Logistics Provider

Uphance offers several options for exporting your Pick Tickets to your logistics provider. You can export them as CSV, Excel, or PDF.

To export as CSV or Excel, click the Actions button. Then select your preferred export format.

But if you wish to download it as PDF instead, click the Print button instead followed by Pick ticket

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