Card Payment Fees
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Card Payment Fees

You may want to pass on card processing charges to customers that wish to pay by credit or debit card. For any invoice, you can add a card payment charge as a percentage increase to the invoice total. In addition, for any customer, you can specify a default percentage charge to add to all new invoices created for that customer.

Adding a card payment fee to an existing invoice

  • Navigate to the invoice in question.

  • Click the edit/pencil icon at the top right to edit the invoice.

  • Enter the card fee as a percentage to add to the invoice:

  • Click Update Invoice to save and recalculate the invoice totals. You should now see the additional card fee detailed in the totals area:

Note that card fees do not include tax/VAT.

Specifying default card fees for a customer

If a customer always pays by card and you always charge a card payment fee, you can specify a default card fee percentage for all new invoices for that customer.

  1. Navigate to the customer from the Contacts/Customers menu option on the left main vertical menu.

  2. Locate and select your customer (search or scroll through list).

  3. Click the edit button to edit the company details.

  4. Enter a percentage amount into the "Default card fee percentage" field.

  5. Scroll down and Click Update Customer.

Now all newly created invoices for this customer will have the default card fee automatically applied.

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