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How to Add Card Fees to An Invoice/Customer's Profile
How to Add Card Fees to An Invoice/Customer's Profile
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You may want to pass on card processing charges to customers who wish to pay by credit or debit card. For any invoice, you can add a card payment charge as a percentage increase to the invoice total. In addition, for any customer, you can specify a default percentage charge to add to all new invoices created for that customer.

Adding a card payment fee to an existing invoice

  • Navigate to the invoice in question.

  • Click the edit/pencil icon at the top right to edit the invoice.

  • Enter the card fee as a percentage to add to the invoice and update:

Once the Invoice is updated, the invoice total will be re-calculated to reflect the card processing fee. Note that card fees do not include tax/VAT.

Specifying default card fees for a customer

If a customer always pays by card and you always charge a card payment fee, you can specify a default card fee percentage for all new invoices for that customer. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Customer Relationships >> Customers.

  2. Locate the customer

  3. Click the edit button to edit the company details.

  4. Enter a percentage amount into the "Default card fee percentage" field.

  5. Scroll down and Click Update Customer.

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