Entering manufacturing prices

Associate your product variations with a manufacturer and a price

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Entering manufacturing prices

Each of your product variations can be associated with a manufacturer and manufacturing price. These prices are automatically used when building a production order, although they can be overridden at any time.  

For example, you may have a product variant that cost more from a supplier across a geographical boundary than you do with a local supplier.  However, if your customer has an urgent need for a product and your local supplier cannot meet that deliverable, you may want to use the higher-priced supplier to fill the urgent need. 

To enter a manufacturing price (and optionally, a manufacturer):

  1. Navigate to the relevant product.

  2. Under "Variations:" scroll down to the "Production" section.

  3. Select your Manufacturer from the drop down list in the Manufacturer column for your colors.

  4. Enter the manufacturing price beneath the "Unit price" input box. Assume that you are using the currency accepted by your manufacturer.

  5. Click the "Save" button to save your changes.

A much faster way to update all of your manufacturing prices is to export and re-import your product database in spreadsheet format.

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