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Uphance allows you to manage the appearance and format for your PDFs generated throughout Uphance as a whole or per individual document.  As an example, you may offer a wide variety of sizes for a particular product which causes the number of columns to get jammed together on Invoices, Pick Tickets, or Delivery Notes.  Changing the orientation of your paperwork from Portrait to Landscape will help. You may choose to change the orientation for all of these documents at once or you can specify which documents you would like to change.

To locate the Paperwork settings within Uphance, navigate to Settings > Paperwork.

Paperwork Layout

The first section controls Paper Size, Orientation, Date Formats, PDF Line Item Layouts, Company Logos and other "Tick Box" settings.

Figure 1

Paper Size & Orientation

The paper size setting can be used to toggle the PDF page size between A4 and US Letter.

Orientation controls whether the PDFs are printed with the paper sideways (landscape) or top to bottom (portrait).

If you want to change the paper orientation for some but not all of your documents, 

  1.  Click on the Paper orientation for each document link.   

  2. Click on the down arrow button in the field next to the document you want to change.

  3. Select portrait or landscape.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have done this for all desired documents.

  5. Save your paper orientation selections.

Figure 2

The Delivery Note setting shown in Figure 2 is not related to the Delivery on Production Orders.  The Delivery Note in Figure 2 is specific to Shipments on Sales Orders.  When you want to change the orientation of your Hang Tags, which is part of the paperwork on a Delivery on your Production Orders, you'll need to change the higher level setting as illustrated in Figure 1.

Paperwork Date Format 

Select which date format you want to appear on your invoices, order confirmations, etc.   Examples of date options include:  




  • YYYY, MM, DD

PDF line item layout

Select either one of these:

  • One line per product variant

  • One line per SKU/size

The second section allows you to manage your company's logo/branding that will be printed on all of your paperwork.  Click "Upload New Image" to add the company logo that you want printed on all of your documents.  Also, use the "Remove Logo" tick box if you want to remove an old one.  Please use a GIF or JPEG format.

Tick Box Settings

Use the "tick boxes" to specify whether you want these features "on" or "off".  Putting a check mark in the box means you want that feature enabled.  Removing that check mark from the box means you do not want to use that feature.  Tick box options include:

  • Delivery Notes / Packing Slips:  Images, MSRPs, etc

  • Production Orders:  Pricing, Custom Fields

  • Invoices:  Shipment numbers, Custom Fields & Signature boxes

  • Sales Orders & Production Orders:  Custom fields, Signature boxes

  • Currency Codes

  • Products:  Product Names & Identifiers

Order confirmation signature text

Use this field to type the terminology you want included for the customer to sign off confirming their order is is received and in good standing.  If this field is checked, your when the customer signs the Order Confirmation PDF on your iPad, their electronic signature will be stored with the Order Confirmation.


Use labels to manage how your data is displayed on paperwork and other areas within Uphance.  As you can see from the image below, you can set different "labels" for each of your Channels (price lists).  Or,  you can set the labels for "All Channels".  Your Channels are listed at the top of the labels section.  In the example above, you can see we have 6 different Channels setup:  Wholesale (USD), Wholesale (GBP), USD Retail (USD), Wholesale (CAD), Shopify (USD) and Unique Wholesale Private Client (USD).  The "All Channels" is selected which means any label changes made, will impact all of these Pricing Channels.

Color as an example is displayed on the Product > Images, SKUs and Raw Materials tabs.  It is also used in the eCommerce (WooCommerce & Shopify Linking) tabs.  You may want to change the label from "Color" to "Colour".

Rather than Product Identifier or Product Name, you might want to use "ID" or "Name" labels.  Product Identifier & Product Name labels are displayed on the Product > Details and Variations (Colors, Pricing, Production & Shipping sections) tabs as well as Line Sheets.  They are also displayed in Sales Orders (Pick Tickets, Shipments), Production Orders, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Reports, Sales Reports, Raw Materials, Raw Materials Requirements, Raw Inventory and most PDFs.

The Delivery Note Label is the text used in emails to your customers letting them know their products have been shipped.  See the sample email thread below:

Another example, you may want to change how Tax is labelled on Invoices and other paperwork (e.g. instead of Tax, type "VAT", "GST", "Federal & State Tax", "Customer Tax"). 

For more information on how tax is handled on invoices and other documents, please see knowledge Article on Customer Setup & Profiles.  Also, see Tax Home Currency Knowledge Article.

Footers & Extra Text

Similar to Labels, your Footers and Extra Text can be specified by "Channel" (Price List).  Type any free form text you want to appear on your paperwork.  Footer text will appear at the bottom of the paperwork.  Extra Text will be appended to the documents.  (Note:  Image below does not represent the full list of free text fields. See sections below for full list).

Here's an example of a Delivery Note with the Footer Text and Footer Extra Text placements.  Whatever text you type in these boxes will appear on this document in those specified locations:


Paperwork footers appear at the bottom of all documents (e.g. registration numbers, VAT numbers, thank you for your business comments, etc).  Type the text that you want printed at the bottom of each of these documents in the corresponding fields:

  • Sales Orders  

  • Production Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Delivery Note

  • Credit Note

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Pro-forma Invoice

  • Invoice

Extra Text

Use the Extra Text fields to type text that you want appended to these corresponding documents:

  • Order Confirmation

  • Production Orders

  • Purchase Orders (Material Orders)

  • Delivery Notes

  • Credit Notes

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Pro-forma (Invoices)

  • Invoice

Be sure to click SAVE CHANGES when you have completed your setup.

NOTE:  Settings>Paperwork do not control the way Line Sheets are displayed (e.g. paper size, paper orientation, products per row, date formats).  The settings for Line Sheets are controlled directly within the Line Sheet.  See our Line Sheet Knowledge Article for additional information.


Also keep in mind if you are getting printouts that are not formatted well (e.g. the right side, top or bottom are getting "cut off", you may need to update your PDF  generator on your PC or mobile device).

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