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Material requirements

Manage Raw Materials required to cover sales or production orders

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Material requirements

The material requirements page shows you raw material requirements to cover your sales orders or production orders for a given season.

By adjusting the filters you can view the total quantities, costs and supplier details for all of your required raw materials. You can also choose to filter by season or see quantities required for all seasons.

Click on the "Show More" drop down arrows to see what products these Materials are associated with, your product identifier, color, product quantity and total material quantity.

Creating a Material Purchase Order

From this screen, you can also click on the plus sign to Create a Material Purchase Order for your supplier to order more.  For more information, see Material Purchase Orders...

Exporting requirement data

You can export your filtered data using the "Download CSV" links at the bottom of the page. To download an Excel compatible CSV file, use the "Excel" download links.

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