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How to Import Customers' Data in Bulk
How to Import Customers' Data in Bulk

Import Customer, Manufacturer, Supplier & Agent data

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Uphance allows you to import/update your customers' data in bulk, saving you the headache of doing so one at a time. This feature will come in handy when you want to:

  1. Move customers' information across different databases

  2. Update their contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers in bulk

How to Import Customers' Data In Bulk

To import your customers' information in bulk, navigate to Customer Relationships >> Customers >> Actions >> Upload Customer/Contact data.

Locate the Excel/CSV file containing their data and upload it to the system.

If you don't have the file ready yet, download an example (template), then customise by adding data to each column.

Here's a snapshot of the template:

Ensure that the file you upload matches the template's format shown above.

Note:  If you've already applied a payment term to a customer's invoice from Settings >> Invoices, it will override whatever value you put into this file.

Exporting Customers' Data As CSV

You can also export your customers' data as CSV in the same way as you would with importing it. Only this time, you click Download CSV/Excel from the Actions button.

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