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Xero accounting integration
Xero accounting integration
Learn how to integrate your Xero accounting with Uphance
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Xero accounting integration

Connecting your Uphance account to your Xero Accounting account lets you "push" invoices from Uphance into Xero. Uphance can also periodically query Xero to add payments to your invoices based on payments already recorded in Xero.

Connecting to Xero

Before you can push data to your Xero account, you'll need to connect Xero to Uphance using your Xero login:

  • Navigate to Apps > Xero.

  • Click the Connect to Xero button (Figure 1).

  • You will be redirected to Xero's website. Submit your Xero login credentials if prompted.

  • You will then get a message stating "Uphance would like access to your company's data".  Click "Allow Access".  (Figure 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Xero will take you back to Uphance Xero Setup screen where you can see that your Status is "Connected".

Pushing and Pulling

You can also see how many Invoices and Credit Notes have been "pushed" to Xero and how many Payments have been "pulled" from Xero (Figure 3). At this point, you can "push remaining" invoices/credit notes to Xero or "pull" payments from Xero.  If you do not want to do this for all of them, you can open each invoice one by one and perform the action from there.

Figure 3:


When an invoice is pushed from Uphance to Xero, Uphance assigns the nominal account codes to the product and shipping components of the invoice. You can choose the nominal account codes to use from the Xero settings page.  (Figure 4)

You can also override the product sales nominal account code on a customer by customer basis by editing the specific customer details.  See next section on Monitoring and Error Handling for editing account codes for a specific invoice or customer.  

Figure 4

Monitoring & Error Handling

It may take a while for these to sync up with your Xero.  You can monitor the status from the same Xero Integration Settings Page as shown below (Figure 5).  The "Activity listing" at the bottom shows you which invoices are failing (if any). It is possible your accounting codes are not properly set for those customers.

Figure 5:

If you open one of the failing invoices, you will see the error message causing the failure.  In this case, the account code is the problem.  Also notice the "Push to Xero" button at the bottom of the invoice for those times you do not want to resync all of them and want to push a specific invoice (e.g. after correcting an error).  (Figure 6)

Figure 6

For the above invoice, if you click on the company name at the top of the screen (e.g. "Barneys", it will bring up the customer screen. (Figure 7).  On this screen, click the Edit button at the bottom. (Figure 8)

Figure 7

Figure 8

Click the drop down menu to select a different Xero product sales account code and try your Push to Xero again.

Figure 9

Pulling payments from Xero to Uphance

Uphance can query Xero for payment information and create matching payments within your Uphance account. To have Uphance request payment information for your Xero linked invoices, click the "Pull payments from Xero" button on your Xero settings page (Figure 10).  

Figure 10

Open your invoice (or Sales Order).  In the top right of the screen you will see "None (pulled from xero)" with a dollar amount that was applied from Xero.  This means Uphance did not receive the payment but that it received the payment from Xero.  In any event, you can see the Outstanding balance was reduced by that payment amount.  (Figure 11).

Figure 11

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