How to Manage Product Variation Colors

Specify or upload your swatch images and/or standard colors

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An Overview of Product Variation Colors

In Uphance, product variants are created based on the different colors a product has. For example, let's say you have a Plaid Dress product that comes in 3 colors: Brown, Red, and Black.

It can be said the Dress has three variants.

Registering your products' colors allows you to:

  • Define wholesale pricing by color

  • Specify manufacturing cost based on color  

  • Define shipping, weight, textile content and tariff codes by color, 

  • Save product variants as Standard colors and use them for other products across all seasons.

  • Build swatches or colors into your SKUs when associating with your sizing, warehouses and EAN/UPC information for your products.

Before we delve deep into this document, it's important you note these key points

Swatch Color: They are basically the colors you want to use for your product.

Swatch Images: These are images that illustrate the color of your products. They can be screenshots or product images.

Code: This is a unique color identifier used for internal communication between you and your manufacturer. Keep in mind that these codes aren't the same as Hex Codes.

For example, you can use RD001 as a code to represent blood red.

Note: You can only create color variations for existing products. This means before proceeding with the rest of this article, be sure you have a product you want to create color variations for.

How to Add Swatch Color and Swatch Image to a Product

To add a swatch color to a product, first, locate it by navigating to Product Information >> Products. Click the Variations tab. Add a variation like so:

If you have an image that contains the specific color you are aiming for, upload it as a swatch image. Then Save.

And with that, you've created another variant for a product. Keep in mind that you can add as many variations as you want.

Creating and Managing Standard Colors

After creating a color variant for a product, you can save it as a Standard color to be used across other products and seasons.

To save a color variation as a standard color, simply click on the Color or Code box, move the page slider to the right, and click the Save standard color link.

Note: If you don't click the box, the Save standard color link won't appear.

If it doesn't still appear, it means that color has been previously added as a Standard color already.

To access and manage your Standard colors, navigate to Settings >> Product Setup.

From here, you can delete the Standard colors you added previously and even add a new one.

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