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Locate Existing Product

If you have already created a product in Uphance, you may want to find it again so that you can make edits, modify inventory levels, update SKUs, link with your Shopify, update variants or swatch images.

To locate your existing product is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  You can search for it by season, manufacturer, category or even tags!  

Step 1: 

Open your existing product by selecting Product from the main vertical menu located on the left side of your screen.  

Step 2:

Use any one or combination of these methods to find your product:

  • Search feature

  • Filters by season, manufacturer, category

  • Search by tags

  • Navigate to your product

Step 3:

  • Select your product by clicking on the link in the product column.  Hint:  You will know it is properly "selected" when you see the Product Details tab for your product.

Note:  If you do not have an existing product, you will need to create one.  Please see the Knowledge Article on creating new products.

Hiding Seasons

You can also "hide" your seasons if you no longer want them to show up on reports or be displayed on your Product Screen.  To "hide" a season:

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Select Seasons

  3. Click on the edit icon (pencil) at the end of the row of the Season you want to hide

  4. Click in the box next to the word "Hidden"

You can unhide it at anytime by deselecting the box next to the word "Hidden".

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