Completing Product Setup

Associate your Warehouse location, SKUs, Raw Materials, Designs and eCommerce with your Product

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Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

SKUs allow businesses to manage inventory - track items as they are bought, shipped and delivered, as well as their placement in warehouses.   For more information on associating your SKUs, Warehouse location, EAN/UPCs with your Products, see our SKU's Knowledge Article.

Raw Materials 

If you want to perform your own costing or provide your manufacturers with a list of materials that are needed to make your product, you can add different materials to the Raw Materials tab for your Product.  See our Product Raw Materials Knowledge Article for more information.  (Note: Raw Materials are not available for Product Bundling).


The Design tab within your product allows you to provide instruction to your manufacturers on how to assemble your product.  You can include Sketches, Instructions and Attachments.  Then, the system will bundle all of these into one PDF "Tech Pack" that you can send to your manufacturer.  See our Product Design Knowledge Article for additional information.


On the eCommerce Tab, you can connect each of these products to your retail store.  It keeps your inventory in sync.  What is showing on Shopify or WooCommerce and what is available to sell in your retail store.  See our Product eCommerce Knowledge Article for additional information.

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