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How to Set Product Display Order

Manage how your products are displayed on your orders, documents and Showroom

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You can set how you want your products displayed on the products page, in documents and your Showroom.  You can specify whether you want them displayed by 

  • Product name

  • Product identifier

  • Manually 

If you select Product name, your products will be arranged alphabetically in descending order.

For Product identifier, products are displayed based on their identifier. But if you choose Manual display, they will be displayed randomly.

Additionally, you have the option of displaying products by grouping them based on their categories. Details in a bit.

To set your product display order, navigate to Settings >> Product Set up. Then select the order you'd like to display the products.

After making your selection, click the Save button.

If you selected Product name, your products will be arranged in alphabetical order:

If you activate the Group by category option, products will be arranged based on their categories.

Do bear in mind that the Group by category option doesn't work with Manual order display.

Manual Display Order

The Manual Display Order allows you to drag and drop the products in the sequence in which you want them displayed.  The Manual Display Order is controlled by you. If you switch to a Product Identifier or Product Name display later, the system will remember the "Manual Display Order" you setup.  And, if you want to switch back to "Manual Display Order", your pre-configured sequence remains unchanged. 

To "drag and drop" your Manual Display Order, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Products from the main vertical left menu.

  2. Click the Actions button

  3. Select "Edit manual order".

Upon clicking, you will see this screen:

To move a product around:

  1. Click the product you want to move

  2. While holding the left mouse button, "drag" it to the place you want to move it.

  3. When your cursor is where you want your product, release your left mouse button.

  4. Perform steps 1-3 until you have rearranged the display order of your products.

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