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How to Set Up Automated Emails
How to Set Up Automated Emails

Send automatic email notifications

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Keep your customers up-to-date with the status of key events related to their orders using Uphance email automation feature.

For instance, you can automatically send receipt emails to customers each time they place an order in your Showroom. Also, you can automatically send emails notifying customers of a successful order shipment.

In addition, Uphance lets you send automated emails for:

  • Payment reminders

  • Order confirmation 

  • Shipment

  • Due invoices

  • Due payments

To enable and use automated emails, from your dashboard, navigate to Settings>Email. Then scroll down to the automatic emails section where you will see this:

Enter the required credentials and then do a Test email to be sure everything is working fine.

Sample Emails without Customization

If you do not want to customize your emails, Uphance defaults work nicely as well.  Here are a couple of examples of the default emails that are sent so that you can decide if you want to customize them.

Order Confirmation

Once an order is confirmed within the Uphance Sales Order, an automatic email is sent to whoever is listed as the billing contact:

Delivery Invoice

When a Shipment is sent, an automatic email is sent to the Billing contact including the Delivery Note and Invoice PDFs.

Email Activity Log

Use the Email Activity Log to view the status of the emails that have been sent.  To do this, click on your profile, followed by Activity and scroll down to the Email Messages section where you will the status of all the emails sent.

Adding Attachments to Emails Automatically

To save yourself the trouble of manually adding attachments to your documents, such as order confirmation, backorder, purchase orders, etc., you can upload your attachments and select the ones you want when sending out a document via email.

For example, let's say you wish to add your price catalogue in PDF as an attachment each time you want to send out a purchase order via email. You will find this feature useful.

To add attachments, scroll to the Attachment section on the email settings page and upload an attachment like so:

With the attachment uploaded, you can easily select it as an attachment when sending out an email.

Editing (Customizing) Emails

Uphance gives you the option of customizing your email templates. To do so, again navigate to Settings >> Emails. Pick the email you want to customize, and click the Edit email button.

Upon clicking, you will be directed to the Document Designer page where you can customize the email to your heart's content.

Don't forget to save your edit when you are done.

Additional Customization Options

Smart Text

If you don't like the default text for the email content, you can use the Smart Text feature to regenerate it and make it smarter. To activate it, simply click into the text area and then Smart Text.


Add a button to your email body by dragging the "button" icon over from the right side of your screen (Figure 1) to any section in the email message body as shown below.  Use the right side of the screen to control the text and colors for your button. Use the URL field to redirect your customer to another page in their web browser.  As an example, you could redirect them to your catalog to "order more products" from your Showroom.

You also have the option of generating smart text for your button text.


To add an image to your email, click on the Image section.  On the right side of the screen, use the "Upload Image" link (blue text) or "drag" a new image to the Image field.  If your image is stored on the cloud, you can alternatively enter a URL in the Image URL field.  


Drag the HTML button from the right side to your email body to add additional text (or other HTML items) to your email body.  In the example below, we have added "Thank you for your business" text to the bottom of all emails.  

Adding BCC, Reply-to Name, and Signatures To Your Emails

Would you like to add the same BCC to your emails each time you send one, thus saving you the stress of doing so manually? You can easily do so by scrolling to the Manual section on the email settings page.

Don't forget to hit the Save button when you are done.

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