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Notifications & Alerts

Receive alerts when there's activity in your Showroom, eCommerce or Accounting

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Keep your customers informed and engaged with automatic email notifications

You can now let Uphance automatically send email messages to your customers. They are still personalized and similar to emails you send them manually, just without the effort of sending.

  • Received an order online? Send an automatic acknowledgement.

  • Confirmed an order? Send an automatic confirmation email with the document attached.

  • Marked a pick ticket shipped? Send an automated notification.

  • Customer late on a payment? Send an automatic “Invoice Due” reminder email.

Alerts - Within Your Organization

Receive alerts when there is activity in your Showroom, eCommerce or Accounting. You can specify which users within your organization receive these alerts and how they receive them:  Email, Dashboard or both.  

To configure notifications, go to Settings>Users.  Click on the pencil beside their name and scroll down to the Notifications section to set your notification preferences.


Are you getting too many alerts from Uphance?

Not all users want to be alerted to all activity. Now you can choose which alerts you wish to receive or not receive from Uphance.

To adjust your notification settings, open your profile, and scroll down to the Notification section. Set your notification preferences accordingly and update.

If you are an admin/owner, you can configure these options for all your users at Settings > Users.

Viewing Email History

If you want to view the emails that have been sent in the past, follow the steps illustrated below:

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