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How to Create and Manage Tags
How to Create and Manage Tags

Create Customer Tags or Product Tags

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Uphance lets you create tags for your customers, products and orders to make it easy for you to find them. For example, you can create a "high-end" tag for your luxury products. Or "North America" tag for your customers based in that region.

In this document, we will show you how to create tags for your products, customers, and orders.

How to Create Tags

To create tags for your products, customers or orders, navigate to Settings >> Tags and Custom Fields. Then enter the tag for each of the categories.

You can enter several tags at a time, so long as they are separated by a comma. When you are done, hit the enter key or tap the Add button.

You can always delete the tags by clicking the x button.

Tagging Products, Customers, and Orders

Now you've created the tags, it's time to put them to use by tagging your products, customers, and orders to them.

To tag a product, open it, click the Variations tab, and pick a tag (you can add multiple tags) as illustrated below:

The process Is the same for customers and orders.

How to Search Using Tags

After tagging your products, customers, and orders, you can find them using their assigned tags. To search, combine the * symbol with the tag.

For example, to search for high-value orders, search for:


Ensure the casing is correct because the search feature is case-sensitive.

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