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Create Customer Tags or Product Tags

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Tag Overview

Create Customer Tags or Product Tags to help quickly locate customers or products.  The tags can be added on the Settings>Tags menu or directly on the Customer or Product detail pages.  Once you have created them, they are available for your use as you add or update customers or products. 

Universal Tag Creation

You can have multiple "tags" for customers and products.  As shown below, while under Settings>Tags, use a comma to separate your tags, then click "add".

Examples of Customer Tags could include "high value" customers or "north american" customers.  Examples of Product Tags could include "Collection B" as demonstrated below.

Click the blue "X" next to any tags you want to remove.

Creating Customer Tags within Customer Profiles

You can also add/associate tags to specific customer profiles as you create or edit your customer's profiles.  For additional information on creating or editing customers, see /customers-and-vendors/customers.

To apply tags to a specific customer, 

  1.  Locate your customer by navigating through the Contacts>Customer menu.   

  2. In the "Tags" field, type the "tag" (or tags) you want to associate with this customer record (e.g. "high value").  

  3. Click the "Apply tags" button.

Creating Product Tags

You may also add Products Tags when you create your product from within the Product Details page.  Or you can add tags to your existing products later as you they come to mind.  See 

In the Product>Product Details page, you will find the "Tags" field.  When you begin typing a tag, the system will show "No tags found.  Press ENTER to add <whatever tag you typed>." 

If you want more than one tag, 

  1. Type the first tag

  2. Hit enter

  3. Type the second tag

  4. Hit enter,

  5. etc. until all tags have been entered

Using Your Tags

Use your tags to search for orders specific to a particular customer or a specific product.  

Using Customer Tags

  1.  Navigate to the Customers page (Contacts>Customers)

  2. In the "search by tag" field, type one of your tags (e.g. high value)

  3. Click on the magnify glass

  4. All customers associated with that customer tag will be displayed

Using Product Tags

  1.  Navigate to the Products page

  2. In the "search by tag" field, type one of your tags (e.g. collection b)

  3. Click on the magnify glass

  4. All products associated with that product tag will be displayed

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