Hang Tag Labels

Create labels as "hang tags" for your products with Barcodes

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Hang Tag Labels

Uphance provides a configurable template for you to use to create customized "hang tags" for your products.  Hang tags are just tags that you can hang on your products if they are displayed in your retail store and provides product information for you and your customers such as SKU #, size, color and product name.  

Bar codes can be printed as well to assist you with checkout and inventory management. For more information on barcodes, please see our Managing EAN/UPC Barcodes Knowledge Article.

Configuring Your Settings

To configure your labels, perform the following:

  1.  Select Settings>Label

  2. Select your template from the drop down list in the field called "Select Template".  Many Avery templates are listed if you are accustomed to searching for the format by that layout.

  3. Also, select your page size, dimensions, description type (eCommerce, Line Sheet or Showroom), margins, padding, etc.  The description type is pulled from the "Description" section within your Product Details page.  There are 3 tabs there....one for eCommerce, Showroom and Line sheet).

  4. From the Label template area, drag the label items you want to include in your label into the "Fields" column.  Be sure to drag the barcode and picture if you also want to include those items.  Other fields you can include (drag over) are the product name, product identifier, sku_number, size, color and description fields on the label.

  5. If you want to modify the fonts for any of the text fields (e.g. Product Name), click within the field.  Then, click on the "B" for Bold text, "I" for Italics or "U" for Underline on your font formatting ribbon.  You can also use the down arrow keys next to "Normal" to select different sized fonts.

  6. Click "Update Label Template".

Printing Labels 

From within a Production Order, perform the following:

  1.  Select Create>Delivery in the top right corner of your Production Order (Figure 1).

  2. From the New Delivery screen, select the Products you want to create labels for (Figure 2).

  3. Click the "Create Delivery" button (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

After your delivery is created, a Delivery document is created.  All delivery documents are listed in the top right corner of your screen below the Create button as shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3:

Scroll down to your Delivery and click the "Print Labels" button on the right top (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Uphance has a limit of 2000 labels which is approximately 100 pages.  If you exceed this limit, your PDF files will be numbered and stored in archive. You will receive a message that reads:  "We are generating your labels. We will notify you once your file is ready for printing."  Once the file is ready, you will receive a dashboard "bell" notification (top right) and an email notification letting you know your label file is ready for download and a link to the file will be provided.  

Paper Orientation

If you want to change the paper orientation of your Hang Tags, please see our Paperwork Knowledge Article for more information.

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