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How to Generate Product Labels
How to Generate Product Labels

Create labels as "hang tags" for your products with Barcodes

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An Overview of Labels

Also known as hang tags or barcode labels, labels are nothing more than a piece of card attached to a product containing essential information, such as product size, color, barcode, price, the material it is made of, etc.

In this article, we will show you how to generate labels for your products.

Creating a Label Template

Before you start creating labels for your products, it's important first to create a template you would like to use. You can create as many templates as you want and pick whichever you want when creating a label.

To create a label template, navigate to Settings >> Label. Create a new label template by clicking the + icon. Enter a name for your template, select your label type from any of the available presets or create a custom label, and select a label dimension unit.

Note: If you select any of the label presets, you won't be able to adjust their sizes or add padding. That can only happen if you select the custom label type.

Next, add the components you want in the label by dragging and dropping.

When you are done, click the Create Label template button. Upon clicking, Uphance will generate a label template based on your specifications. You can always adjust this template later on.

How to Pring Your Labels

Now you've created the label template, it's about time to put it to good use by printing it for your products.

To print product labels, navigate to Product Information >> Products >> Actions >> Print Labels. Select the products you would like to print the label for, select a template and then print.

Another way to print labels is to navigate to Order Management >> Pick & Pack. Select a pick ticket and download the labels contained in the ticket as illustrated below:

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