Shopify integration


Linking your Uphance account to your Shopify store enables you to:

  • Connect your Uphance product SKUs to your Shopify variants to sell available inventory online.

  • Jumpstart your Uphance product setup by uploading basic product, variant and SKU data from Uphance to Shopify.

  • Automatically sync your Available To Sell (ATS) inventory levels from Uphance to Shopify as a result of updates within your Uphance account.

  • Reduce your inventory counts in Uphance as a result of new orders on your Shopify store.

How it works

After connecting your Uphance account to your Shopify store, you'll have the option to link your Uphance product SKUs to Shopify variants.

For products in Uphance and Shopify that are "linked" the inventory levels in Shopify can be kept up-to-date with inventory levels in Uphance , allowing you to sell your excess inventory through your online store.

Uphance also monitors sales that are made on your Shopify store to reduce inventory levels in Uphance appropriately.

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