Linking Uphance and Shopify products

Uphance will only keep inventory levels in sync for Uphance SKUs that are "linked" to Shopify product variants. You can link up existing Uphance products to Shopify product or, if it's a new product that you haven't yet entered manually into Shopify, you can upload the basic product details from Uphance to Shopify. Both of these operations can be accomplished by navigating to the product details page and clicking the eCommerce tab at the top of the page.  Then, select the "Shopify" tab.

SKU and Variants

Each Uphance product variation can be linked to a particular Shopify product. If you have several products in your Shopify store that are represented by a single product in Uphance, you can link them by entering a different Shopify product ID for each Uphance product variation.

Choosing Your Strategy

If you have products already created within your Shopify, you can link them to your Uphance account and "pull" your data over. While Uphance makes every effort to link these products to the appropriate variant, there may be manual work required to get them setup.  

However, if you have not yet created your product in your Shopify, we suggest creating them within Uphance first and "pushing" them to Shopify for these two primary reasons:

  1. Uphance has quietly become the central hub of your activity for your products, housing rich content that can be published to the showroom, which is your B2B eCommerce platform, or to your retail eCommerce store on Shopify. Manage all your content at one place and distribute it quickly and efficiently to your other platforms without duplicating effort. In addition to detailed formatted descriptions, you can now host and publish multiple images per product variation.

  2. You will design and develop your products in Uphance much before you are ready to sell. You would add your raw materials, costing, etc. during the product setup phase. Once product is designed, you will sell wholesale using samples. Then you'll produce/manufacture and much later make the products available for retail sale on Shopify.

Push Strategy

Uploading a new product to Shopify

If you haven't yet added the product to Shopify, you can start the process quickly by uploading the product from Uphance to Shopify. This will create a new product in Shopify with the correct product options and variants linked to each SKU within Uphance. After uploading, you can finish setting up the product in Shopify and remove any variants that aren't intended for sale.

To upload a product from Uphance to Shopify:

  1. Navigate to the product details page within Uphance.

  2. Click the eCommerce tab.

  3. Select the Shopify tab.

  4. Click the "Upload product to Shopify" link.

When creating the product, only active variations will be sent to Shopify.  

Pull Strategy

Connecting a Uphance product to an existing product in Shopify

If you have an existing product in Shopify, you can "link" that product to the matching product in Uphance.

To do so you will need to locate the product "ID" in Shopify. This can be done by navigating to the product in the Shopify admin area, then copying the number from your browser's address bar:

Figure 1

When you have this ID number, take the following steps to link the Uphance product to Shopify:

  1. Navigate to the product details page within Uphance.

  2. Click on the eCommerce tab.

  3. Click the Shopify tab at the top of the page.

  4. Click the "Connect to existing Shopify product" link.

  5. Paste the Shopify product ID into the text field and click "Connect".

If inactive variations exist in Shopify, Uphance will not take any actions.

Uphance will inspect the product within Shopify and try to match the Shopify product variants to individual Uphance SKUs by color and size. If your colors and sizes are named differently within your Shopify store, Uphance won't be able to automatically link them and you'll need to manually select the correct Shopify variants using the drop down menus as shown below:

Figure 2

NOTE:  If you manually create your product within Uphance in order to link it, you may want to give the product the same name. Uphance allows you to manually type the name of your product and if you are naming it something different in your Shopify, you may not be able to recognize them when browsing through your Seasons/Collections in either system.  See also "Bulk Upload".

If you have multiple Shopify products represented by a single product within Uphance, enter the first Shopify product ID using the steps above. Uphance will link all variations to the first Shopify ID, but you'll then be able to update each Uphance variation with the correct, individual Shopify product ID.

You will know they are both linked correctly when you see the ATS From Stock quantity and Live Shopify Stock Level quantity correctly reflected for your product and variant instead of the words "not linked" as shown above.

Update Product

The Update Product button (Figure 2) will update your images, descriptions and variation's data in Shopify.

Cover and Common images are not sent to the Shopify for products that were created via the Create multiple products method.

Disconnect All

Click the Disconnect All button (Figure 2) to remove the link between that product and your Shopify account.

Not Connecting

If the product is not connected to Shopify, you will also get that message as illustrated below:

Figure 3:

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