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Navigating Uphance

Overview of navigating through Uphance

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Navigating Uphance is easy and intuitive. In this document, we will show you how to move around and access all the tools and features in Uphance, starting from the dashboard.

The Dashboard

When you log into your account, you will be automatically directed to your dashboard. Here's a snapshot of the dashboard:

To get a full view of the dashboard, you will have to scroll down to the bottom like so:

Accessing Your Profile

To access your profile, click your initials at the top-right corner of the screen. From here, you can see all the organizations you are subscribed to, view all the activities in your organization, review your subscription, submit a feature idea, and log out.

Accessing The Tools and Modules in Uphance

All the tools and modules available in Uphance can be easily accessed from the lefthand panel as illustrated below. From here, you can create/access your products, customers, sales orders, production orders, and reports.

Adjusting System Settings

You can easily adjust your settings by clicking the Settings tab.

Adding a Third-Party App

Uphance makes it easy to connect third-party apps to your account with a few taps of the button. To do so, simply click the Apps tab, followed by the All Apps tab.

Locate the app you would like to add and click the Add button. Once you've added it, complete the integration by configuring the newly added app.

We recommend you check out our help documents to learn how to configure all the apps available in Uphance.

Accessing Announcements and Product Update Information

Every now and then, we add new features to Uphance while updating the existing ones. When we do, we make an announcement to keep you in the loop. You can readily access these announcements from your dashboard as shown below:

Viewing System Notification

When you (or someone else in your organization) perform certain actions, such as importing a material, Uphance will automatically generate a notification for it.

The notifications can be viewed by clicking the bell icon as shown below:

Keep in mind that notifications are also generated when an action fails. For example, if during the process of importing products into your system and it fails, a notification would pop up.

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