ShipStation provides a way for you to integrate your courier and tracking updates for your products and sales orders into Uphance.

ShipStation configuration and development is required to set this up for your store.  

In short, you will need to:

  1. Register Your Custom Store

  2. Setup your GET

  3. Setup your POST

  4. Review/Test the Results

Custom Store Registration

To register your custom store, 

  1.  Login to your ShipStation Application.

  2. Click on "Account Settings" -- the cogwheel icon in the top right.

  3. Select "Selling Channels".

  4. From the sidebar on the left, select "Store Setup".

  5. Click "+ Connect a Store or Marketplace".

  6. Choose the "Custom Store" option. 

  7. You'll be presented with a form to complete.  Once the form is completed, ShipStation will begin communicating with Uphance to obtain order information.

Below find the information needed for completion of the form:

Next Steps:

See Using Your ShipStation Integration

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