Once you have your ShipStation configured, you will want to use (and initially test) to make sure it is function as expected.  

Shipment / Pick Tickets 

You should see tracking number and Carrier fields on your Pick Tickets:

  1. Navigate to your Sales Order.

  2. Click on Shipment or Pick Tickets at the top right.

  3. Scroll down to your Shipment or Pick Tickets and Click on the pencil/edit button at the top right.

  4. Look at the Tracking number and Carrier fields as illustrated below:

You should also see tracking number and carrier fields on your Shipping lists:

  1. Select Shipments from your left vertical main menu.

  2. Look in the Tracking Number column to see the tracking number.

  3. To see the Carrier, click on the edit/pencil to the right of the shipment you would like to see carrier information for.  (Note:  Takes you to the same place as Pick Tickets).

If there is an integration with ShipStation,  you will receive Carrier information automatically (e.g. company -- DHL, UPS, FedEx etc.).  However, you may also edit this field as well.  

Updates sent to ShipStation

Uphance sends a shipment # as an order name in ShipStation. Example: shipment-number.  And, Uphance will place your organization name in the "Internal notes" field within Shipstation.  Users with multiple organizations will be able to see to which organization the shipment belongs to.

Two-Step Shipping vs. Standard Shipping

If you are using the Two-Step Shipping mode, the Carrier information will appear in the Shipment.  However, if you are using the Standard Shipping mode (e.g. Two-Step Shipping is disabled), your Carrier information will appear in the Pick Ticket.  For more information on Two-Step Shipping, please see our Knowledge Article.

Commercial Invoice & Delivery Note PDFs

If tracking number and/or Carrier information is available, these will also be added to your Commercial Invoices and Delivery notes PDFs next to the date.  If the information is not available, nothing will show in the document.

 Add a Carrier to automatic email within a tracking number, if present.

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