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The purpose of this document is to summarize a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) by our customers.  We make every effort to incorporate these questions/answers into our documentation.  However, we are also providing the FAQs for  your convenience.


  • Can you tell me how to add a new season?  Settings>Seasons.  See Knowledge Article.

  • How do you handle when an Product (article with 1 style identifier / number) has more than one length in the size assortment?  Currently, Stitchex does not support multiple sizes on a product.  We recommend creating Size ranges, for example: 48/36.  If you have a long size range, you may need to set your Order Confirmations to landscape in Settings>Paperwork>Paper Orientation.

Raw Materials


Agency Support

  • How do I remove an Agent and add a new Agent?  And, how will billing work when one is added and one is removed?

  • If I have two different Agents using mobile devices, can they see each others orders?  Not currently.  If one Agent enters an order, that order is sent to the server and the other agent will not be able to see it on their mobile device.  In future releases this may be possible.  With that said, all Agents can see all orders using the PC version of Stitchex.

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