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How to Add and Manage Material Inventory
How to Add and Manage Material Inventory

Manage your Material Inventory

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Managing and keeping track of your materials is vital for the success of your business, especially if you are into production. Doing so enables you to accurately calculate the products' pricing.

Thankfully, Uphance makes it easy to manage your material inventory, and in this document, we will show you how to go about it.

How to Add Materials

Step 1: Create a Material Warehouse

Before proceeding to add materials, it's important to first create a warehouse where the materials will be stored.

To do so, navigate to Settings >> Inventory, enable Multi-warehouse, and add your material warehouse like so:

Note: You can use an existing product warehouse for material storage.

Step 2: Add the Material

After setting up the material warehouse, you can then proceed to add the material. To do so, navigate to Product Information >> Materials >> Actions >> Add Material.

Enter the required information and create the material.

On the next page that shows up, add the Material Details, including material image, season, category, sizes, etc. It's also on this page that you get to add the material's color variants and check the inventory level.

Don't forget to click the Update button each time you make a change to the material.

Importing Materials in Bulk

Adding materials manually isn't practical, especially if you have a lot of them you want to add. As such, it's best you upload them in bulk.

To upload materials in bulk, open Materials again and select Upload Raw Materials from Actions. If you have the materials saved in an Excel/CSV file, select and upload it to the system.

Otherwise, download the materials template and use it to build your upload data.

If the upload went through successfully (or failed), you will get a notification that indicates so.

Other Knowledge Articles

The knowledge articles below will help you understand how to create and manage materials better in Uphance.

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  • See our Material Requirements Knowledge Article for information on managing Raw Materials required to cover customer sales orders or production (for manufacturing) orders.

  • See our Material Purchase Orders Knowledge Article to create orders for your suppliers to obtain raw materials.

  • See our Manage Material Name Changes to learn what to do if you have a material name change.

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