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How to Generate and Manage SKUs for Products
How to Generate and Manage SKUs for Products

Associate your SKUs, Warehouse location, EAN/UPCs with your Products

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SKU, short for Stock Keeping Unit, allows you to efficiently manage your product inventory. They enable you to track items brought into your warehouse, products shipped, etc.

Thankfully, Uphance makes it easy to create and manage SKUs for your products. You can choose to have your SKUs created manually or automatically using a combination of the product identifier, color, and size.

How to Set Up SKUs Manually and Automatically

You can have the system automatically generate SKUs or manually create them yourself.

How to Generate SKUs Manually

To generate SKUs manually, simply add the product to your system and then enter the SKU from the SKU tab. If you've added the product already, all you have to do is input your desired SKU.

To be sure the SKU was properly registered in the system, search for the product using the SKU as illustrated below.

How to Generate SKUs Automatically

To generate SKUs automatically, you need to enable the system to do so by navigating to Settings >> Product Setup

Once enabled, each time you upload a product to the system, Uphance will automatically create an SKU for it.

Note: You can always change the system-generated SKU for your products manually. This means after Uphance generates an SKU for a product automatically, you can take it out and replace it just the same way you create the SKUs manually.


You may also add your EAN/UPC to the SKUs page for each product manually. To add EAN/UPC to a product manually, open it, click the SKU tab, input the EAN and save.

We recommend you study our detailed guide on Managing EAN/UPC Codes to gain a deeper understanding of EANs.

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