Product Key Concepts

Learn a few key concepts before you get started adding your products

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Product Key Concepts

Color and fabric variations

Any product you create can be extended to have multiple variations in color or fabric. These are the "product variations" and are entered in the Variations tab of the product page. Each variation can have its own distinct image, manufacturer, pricing, and costing data. When you build an order in Uphance, each line item in the order corresponds to a single product variation.  See Swatch Images, Standard Colors for additional information.

Sizing systems

A sizing system is a comma-separated list of available sizes for your product. Read more about working with sizing systems here...  

Currently, Uphance does not support multiple sizes on a product.  We recommend creating Size ranges, for example: 48/36.

Product categories

Product categories and sub categories help with navigation and product filtering in various parts of Uphance. You can set up initial product categories from the Product Categories page in Settings. You can always add or rename categories later. You can also change a product's category at any time. Good examples for category names are "Dresses", "Tops" etc.  Good examples for subcategories are Men's, Women's, Boy's or Girl's.  Or, vice versa:  Category:  Men's with Subcategory:  Shirts, Slacks, Hats, etc.  To define your Product categories/subcategories, go to Setup>Product setup.  See also Product Display Order and Creating/Editing Orders for additional information on how categories and subcategories are used.

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