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Create Tech Packs for your Manufacturer with Product Designs and Work/Build Instructions

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The Design tab within your product allows you to provide instruction to your manufacturers on how to assemble your product.

Note:  For Bundled Products, Design is not available.  For more information on Combination Products (Bundling), see our Knowledge Article.


Sketches are added to the Design tab.  You may design your product in another tool such as Adobe Illustrator.  If you export images, you can add them in this section by clicking the "Add" icon until all your images are uploaded:


Next, you would provide Instructions instructions for the person stitching or assembling your product.


In the next section, you may include additional Attachments by selecting "Choose File".  You can add up to 5 files under 5 mb in standard jpg, jpeg, png and pdf formats.

Tech Pack

Once your images, instructions and attachments have been add or you make changes, click the "Regenerate" icon under Tech Pack in the top right.  The Tech Pack  function automatically pulls these three sections into one comprehensive PDF document for your manufactures.

Note, after clicking "Regenerate", if it seems to take awhile, do not click the Save button on the top right or you will lose your changes.  Wait until after the file is uploaded before clicking the Save button. Depending on the number of files and complexity of the sketches, the amount of time to generate the Tech Pack may vary.

You may then choose to download or email the Tech Pack to your manufacturer.  If you email the Tech Pack, you will be given options to include "attachments".  These attachments are configured under Settings>Attachments.  They can be marketing materials or other documents you want to include with Tech Pack sends.  Select or deselect the "attachments" you want to include, if any.

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