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How to Create Documents for Sales Orders
How to Create Documents for Sales Orders

Manage Documents for Sales Orders (Invoices, Shipping, Credits, Returns, etc)

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Manage Documents Overview

Within the Sales Order, there are two types of documents that you can manage:

  • Transaction Related Documents

  • Informative Documents

  • Reference Documents

Transaction Related Documents

The Transaction Related Documents are accessed from the drop down menu on the top, right of your Sales Order within the "Create" button as illustrated in Figure 1 below.  

You can create:

You can navigate to a particular document by clicking the document number. The document will appear in the center of the page.  If you want to "create" any of these documents, click the Create button as illustrated below:

Figure 1

When you are done creating the documents, you can always download them as PDF like so:

Informative Documents (Output PDFs)

As the name implies, informative documents are documents that provide your customers with key information about their orders. They include order confirmation, back orders, line sheet, etc.

To generate and download these documents, open the order in question and follow the steps illustrated below:

If you would like to add a signature text to your order confirmation documents, navigate to Settings >> Paperwork. Add the signature text and ensure that this checkbox is checked:

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