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How to Create and Manage EAN/UPC Codes
How to Create and Manage EAN/UPC Codes

Manage your EAN/UPC Codes used for printing labels with Barcodes for your Products

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Uphance allows you to assign EAN/UPCs to your products.  These are globally unique numbers that are generally 8 or 13 digits managed by the GS1 Global Standard Organization.  UPCs are Universal Product Codes used in the U.S.  

In Europe, EANs are European Article Numbers also called International Article Numbers. All barcodes printed on the boxes that are shipped use these UPC codes and they are unique across the globe. They also facilitate 3rd party scanning across the globe. 

As you buy a pack of EANs, you can automatically assign them to each of your products. The more EANs you purchase, the lower the cost.  You only need to buy the numbers as the barcodes will automatically be generated within Uphance.

Uphance provides a configurable template that lets you create customized "hang tags" for your products.  Hang tags are labels that hang from your products. They provide customers with key product information, such as price, SKU, color, and size. Barcodes can be printed as well to assist you with checkout.

For more information on creating "Hang Tags", please see our Hang Tags Knowledge Article.

If your customers/retailers will be replacing your barcodes with their own barcodes and do not require EAN, you can print your own barcodes without EANs but they will not be unique outside your organization. You would have to set your own 13-digit numbers. 

Adding EAN/UPC to Uphance

The first thing you need to do is to purchase your EAN/UPC codes from reputable sites backed by GSI, after which you can add them to Uphance.

To add your purchased code, navigate to Settings >> Product Setup. Click the + icon, select the barcode type you purchased, input the starting and ending numbers. Then Save.

And with that, you've successfully added the EAN/UPC code you purchased to Uphance.

Assigning Products to Barcodes

Now you have added the barcodes to Uphance, the next thing you will want to do is assign products to them.

To do so, open Product SKU. Select your target SKUs and assign them to the intended barcode number.

You might want to verify if the barcodes were applied to the products correctly. To do so, open one of the SKUs and check if the EAN number matches correctly.

Bulk Upload

Uphance enables you to upload products in bulk together with their respective barcodes (EAN or UPC). To do so, import the Excel/CSV file containing the products with their barcodes.

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