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You may have a customer that wants to cancel all or part of their Sales Order.  And, depending on whether you have invoiced the customer or not, the actions you take in processing the cancellation will be different.

To cancel the full order or a part of the Sales Order, 

  1. Locate your Sales Order

  2. Select Cancellation from the Create Drop down menu (Figure 1).

  3. In the New Cancellation dialogue box, click in the box next to the Product Identifier in which you want to cancel all or a portion of.  In the Size fields, enter the quantity of the products in which you want to create a cancellation for as show in Figure 2.

  4. Click the Cancel Items button (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

A cancellation document will be created (Figure 3) and you will see a Cancellation document appear at the top right of your screen (Figure 4).

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Invoicing & Cancellations

If you have not previously shipped, your quantity to ship will be reduce by the amount you cancelled.  If you have already invoiced, you will need to Apply a Credit to what has already been Invoiced for that amount to the customer or delete the Invoice and recreate it.

If you create the Cancellation before you created the invoice, the new invoice will reflect the cancelled quantities.

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