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How to Create Cancellations for Sales Orders
How to Create Cancellations for Sales Orders

Learn more about cancelling full or partial Sales Orders

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You may have a customer who wants to cancel all or part of their Sales Order. ย 

For example, if a customer orders 10 units of a product and wants to cancel 4 and receive the remaining 6, that's a part cancellation. But if the entire 10 units are cancelled, that's a full cancellation.

This document will show you the steps to creating cancellations for your orders.

Important Things to Note Before Cancelling an Order

  • You can only create cancellations for confirmed orders

  • If you made a part cancellation and had already created an invoice before cancelling, you'd have to delete the invoice and re-create it. The newly created invoice will cover the uncancelled item.

  • You can create multiple cancellations for an order. For example, if a customer cancels 1 item out of the 10, you can still cancel 3 more items from the 9 left, leaving you with 6 items left to fulfil. This means you can cancel until the item left in an order is reduced to zero.

  • You can delete a cancellation. This comes in handy if the cancellation was made in error or your customer had a change of mind. Once you cancel an order, the cancelled items will be returned for fulfillment and you can create an additional invoice for them.

  • You can't create cancellations for orders that have been picked, packed and shipped.

How to Create an Order Cancellation

To cancel an order, first, locate it by navigating to Order Management >> Sales Orders. Open the order, click the Create button and create the cancellation.

To create part cancellation, enter a quantity less than the original quantity. For complete cancellation, enter the full quantity.

You have the option of creating a credit note or a refund during the cancellation process.

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