Manage Your Subscription

Manage your Subscription to Uphance and see your payment history

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Manage Your Subscription 

You can manage your subscription to Uphance from your Subscription page. From this page, you can manage

  • Subscription Status

  • Your Current Plan

  • Renewal Date

  • Payment Method

  • Plan base price

  • Included users

  • Price per additional user

  • Additional user count

  • Your subscription total

  • Payment History

To add additional users, please see our Team Members Knowledge Article.

Subscription & Billing

The first section on this screen is the Subscription & Billing Section.  


If you change your subscription plan, your base subscription charges will be pro-rated on your next invoice.  

If you add additional users to your account, you will receive an invoice for the additional user.  

Adding/removing users  (even for Agencies) are not billed in partial months.  

Switching Plans

When you click on the "Switch Plans" button, you will get a new page that shows a table with the plans.  Click the Monthly or Yearly buttons next to each plan to see the data for each Plan. On the top of the table, you can see your current plan.  You will see a "Select this plan" button next to your options.

Also click on the "About our plans" link in the bottom right of the screen to see additional information.

Subscription Settings

The Settings Section of your Subscription screen allows you to specify where the invoices should be mailed and the address you want included on the invoice PDFs.

Payment History

The bottom portion of this screen displays the payment history for your account.  To download a copy of the invoice, click on the blue link labeled "Download Invoice PDF" at the end of the row for the invoice you want to see.

At the moment, invoices for adding additional users are not shown in your Invoices list.  And, you will see the charges appear on your credit card statements. If you would like a copy these additional user invoices, please contact your Uphance Help Center.  

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