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How to Add Shipping Windows to Sales Orders
How to Add Shipping Windows to Sales Orders
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Uphance allows you to add Shipping Window (Ship and Ship cancel dates) to orders. You can add one while creating the order or after you've done so.

To add a shipping window:

  1. Navigate to your Sales Order

  2. Locate the Shipping Window

  3. Enter the Start and Cancel ship dates

  4. Update Sale

Upon updating the sale, you will see that the Shipping window has been added to the order:

How to Display Shipping Window on Order Confirmation

By default, your shipping window (start ship and cancel ship dates) should reflect on order confirmation documents. But if for some reason it's not, you can manually enable it.

To do so, open Document Designer and the active template as shown below. Then add two columns to where you want the Shipping Window to show. Finally, for each column, select the component want to show. Save when you are done.

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