Shipping Windows

To manage your shipping windows for Confirmed or Unconfirmed Sales Orders:

  1. Navigate to your Sales Order

  2. In the upper left of the screen, you will see "Ship Window" (Figure 1).

  3. Click on the "Not Entered" field.

  4. Select your Start ship date or Cancel ship date (Figure 2).

  5. Click Update Sale

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

You can then see the Upcoming Shipping Windows on your Dashboard so that you know when it is getting close to time to ship.  And, if your inventory is not in, you can update your Shipping Window with a new date:

Figure 3:

You can also filter on Start and End Ship Dates.  Select "Shipments" from your main, left vertical menu.  Then, click on the Date Range field at the top of your Shipments window:

Figure 4:

Ship Dates

When you create your Pick Tickets/Shipments, the "Ship at" date shown on the top of your Shipment (Figure 5) is the date in which the Shipment was created and represents the date in which your inventory/stock adjustments were made.  This date may not be the actually date the product is shipped. 

Figure 5:

If you want to edit the Shipment date date, click on the edit icon on the top right of your Pick Ticket/Shipment and select the actual ship date (Figure 6) that you want to appear on your Delivery Notes and Pick Tickets

Figure 6

When you print your Pick Tickets or Delivery Notes (Figure 7), they will have the date you entered in Figure 6 above.  

Figure 7

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