Mobile App Navigation

The first time you launch your new Uphance Mobile App you will be taken directly to the Sales Order screen.  However, if you want to go to any other part of the Uphance Mobile App, simply click on the menu bars in the top left of any screen.

When you click on these "menu bars", you will be provided with the an opportunity to navigate to any of these "modules":

Switching Companies

If you manage more than one Uphance company, you can click on the blue down arrow on the right to select from a drop down which company you want to manage.

Sales History

To look at the history of Sales that you have started but not submitted, you will find these on the Sales History log.  

Create a New Sales

If you want to create a new Sales Order for one of your customers, select.

Sales Notes & Support

Throughout the Mobile App, you will see a plus sign in the bottom right corner.  Select this at anytime to get Support or enter Sales Notes (only available within the Sales History and Create a New Sales module).

Please note that Sales Notes are cleared when you click back to the "Create new sale" screen.


If you want to add, view or remove your Customers, select "Customers" from the main menu.

Event Log

If you want to look at events that have occurred on your account, select "Event Log".

Log Out

If you want to logout of Uphance, click on the LOGOUT button bottom left corner of your main menu screen:


If you want to Sync your Mobile device with your full Uphance systems, click the Sync button.

For more information about any of these functions, please see the function specific module Knowledge Articles for Mobile Apps.

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