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Login experience for your Buyers (Invite Codes & Passwords)

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After your Buyer has "signed up" and you have approved, they can login to Uphance using their credentials:

Forgot Password

If the Buyer cannot remember their password, they can click on Forgot Password? at the bottom left of the screen.

Invite Codes

When you invite a customer to your Showroom, they will receive an email message to click on a link to accept the invitation.  Alternatively, they can enter an invite code.  If they want to enter the invite code, they can click on the "I have an invite code" link located at the center/bottom of the login screen.  When, prompted, they will type or paste the code provided to them in their invitation email.

Accepting Buyer Invitation

The customer will see your brand at the top left corner of their screen and be presented with this "Accept Buyer Invitation" form.  As their contact name and company name is already pre-populated for them, they only need to enter their email, password and password confirmation.  Then, they click "Create Account".

Email already been taken

Buyers may receive this message that their email has already been taken.  If so, please ask them to click the LOGIN button in the top right corner of their screen.  It should allow them to log in.


The first time your Buyer's login, they will be presented with ALL Uphance brands.  The only ones they have applied and been approved for will display prices and allow them to shop.  For more information, see our Buyer Accounts - Sign Up, Apply & Approve Knowledge Article.  

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