How to Merge Products

What happens when you Merge two Products into one

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An Overview of Merging Products

You may have products that are exactly the same in multiple seasons (same product identifier).  This can happen if you offered a product in the previous year's collection and are still offering it in the current year's collection.  

After a few years, you may decide you want to consolidate all of these into one product so you have fewer products to manage. The good news is that Uphance will allow you to do this while still retaining your color variances, sales order history, inventories, etc.  

Note:  Before merging two products, we recommend you take a snapshot of your product tabs so that you can validate the merge worked correctly, especially if this is your first merge as this will help build your confidence.

To perform a merging action, first locate the product with a duplicate. Then merge it like so:

If the merging was successful, you will see a success notification and also the updated product information.

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