Consignments - Inventory

Managing your inventory for your Consignments

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Consignment - Inventory

For Consignment Orders, once you create your Pick Ticket & Ship your products, your Source Warehouse inventories will decrease and your Destination Warehouse (Customer's Consignment Warehouse) inventories will increase.

As shown in Figure 1, before shipping to the customer's consignment inventory, the current inventory levels for the SJ001 product sizes 1 and 10 is 200 for each.

Figure 1

Pick Tickets

In Figure 2, we are planning to ship 50 each of Size 1 and 20 each of Size 10 of the SJ001.  

Figure 2


In Figure 3, these quantities are confirmed shipped:

Figure 3

Inventory Reports

Figure 4 shows our new Inventory Report shows that our Primary (Source) Warehouse has be reduced by 50 size 1 and 20 size 10s:

Figure 4

If you want to see the inventory from your Buyer's perspective (e.g. from their Consignment Warehouse), change to their Warehouse using the drop down menu as shown in Figure 5:

Figure 5:

In Figure 6, you can see the Customer's Consignment Warehouse with 50 of Size 1 and 20 of Size 20.  

Figure 6:

Buyer's Selling Products

As your customer sells products out of their consignment inventory, you can also see their in stock levels go down.  Please see the Buyer's Consignment Inventory Knowledge Article for information on how the Buyer can manage their inventory related to the receipt and return of inventory.

Inventory Transactions

You can see all Inventory Transactions from the Adjustment Inventory screen.  This screen will show you the dates, the shipments, products, quantity changed and what is remaining in stock (now).  The "Type" field is labeled as "Consignment" for Shipments or "Consignment Sale" for anything sold by the Buyer.

To access this screen, click on the "Inventory Adjustment" from your main, left vertical menu.  Then click on the Change Log button in the middle of the screen.

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