Copying Sales Order
Copy Sales Orders for your repeat business, regular fulfillment or popular sales items
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Copying Sales Orders

For those customers who order the same items regularly to replenish their their retail stores, you may want to take advantage of the "Copy Sales Order" feature within Uphance.  Or, perhaps you have a list of items that are popular among all of your customers.  In this case, the "Copy Sales Order" feature will eliminate the need to manually add each line item and you only need to change the customer name.  

To Copy a Sales Order:

  1. Locate the "template" or customer order you want to make a copy of

  2. On the top right corner of the Sales Order, select the "Make a Copy" (See image below)

  3. Edit the Sales Order (remove any unwanted line items, change the customer name, etc.)

If you are copying a Sales Order that has already been confirmed, you will need to unconfirm the Sales Order in order to change the customer's name.  See our Manage the State of Sales Orders Knowledge Article for additional information.

The "Make a Copy" feature will not retain the same Sales Order number.  A new Sales Order number will be assigned.

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