How to Manage Over-payments

Learn how to manage Over-payments

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When creating a payment for an invoice, if you enter a value that is greater than the outstanding balance, Uphance will automatically create a credit note labelled "Overpayment".

It looks something like this:

Here's the original invoice for the payment:

The invoice had a value of $380 but was overpaid by $100 totalling $480.

When something like this happens, Uphance will automatically create a credit note for the overpayment, as shown in the previous screenshot.

You can either use this credit note to offset the customer's future payments. Or you can create a refund for the overpayment.

To create a refund, follow the steps illustrated below:

Please bear in mind that the refund mentioned here doesn't carry any monetary value; it's just a record, which can be converted to money at a later time.

Viewing Outstanding Balance for Invoices

If you wish to view the invoices with outstanding balances, simply navigate to Order Management >> Invoices

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