Shopify Orders

When you create an order in Shopify, the order may come in as Draft or Confirmed depending whether you had a good match-up on your Customer.


When orders are coming from Shopify, Uphance pulls product prices from Shopify to make the order fully identical to the order in Shopify.  In addition, the settlement discount footer will not show up in the order.   

Payment Terms

All sales orders from Shopify should have PIA (payment in advance) default payment term, enabling Uphance to confirm the order automatically.  If the default payment term is not set to PIA for the customer in Uphance, the Sales Orders will be received in Uphance as a Draft Sales Order.

In addition, if the customer has a Default payment term chosen in Payment Terms within their profile, it will be applied to the Shopify order pulled to Uphance via the Pull Orders button within the Settings>Integrations>Shopify page.  

Please see our Knowledge Article on Customer Profiles and Invoices & Payment Terms for more information on Default Payment Terms for customers. If your customer's profile is created in Shopify, it will be pulled into Uphance when you place the first order.  Then, you may edit the user's profile within Uphance to set their default payment term.

Identifying Shopify Orders within Uphance

You will be able to see which orders are coming in from using the icon in the Status column as shown in Figure 1 below.

  • Shopify (Retail/Direct Consumer Sales) - Indicated by green icon with currency symbol.

  • Mobile App (Entered by your Sales Agents) - indicated by grey mobile device

  • Showroom / eCommerce Store (Wholesale Customers)- indicated by grey globe

  • Regular Orders - entered manually/directly into the system; indicated by no icon

Figure 1

Pick Tickets

Uphance provides an option to create pick tickets automatically when an Order is placed from Shopify.  To have your Pick Tickets created automatically,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Channels & Currencies 

  2. Click on the Edit icon (pencil) next to the Channel you would like to have the automated pick tickets for

  3. Click the checkbox next to "Create pick ticket automatically". 

  4. Click Update Channel.

If this field remains unchecked, you will need to create the Pick Tickets manually. Creating Pick Tickets does not "ship" the products.  You will need to create Shipments when you are ready to ship.


If you have your Carriers defined in Shopify and Uphance finds a match, when you Ship your Sales Order in Uphance, the tracking number and Carrier will be reflected in Shopify.  If the Carrier is not defined in Shopify, only the Tracking number entered on your Shipment will be reflected in Shopify.

To specify the Tracking number and Carrier (Figure 2):

  1. Navigate to your Confirmed Sales Order in Uphance

  2. Create a Pick Ticket from the top, right documents menu (if you did not have one already).

  3. Select the quantities of the products you want to ship

  4. Ship your Pick Ticket using the Ship button on the top, right of your Pick Ticket

  5. Use the edit icon (pencil) in the top, right of your Shipment to pull up the edit form

  6. Enter your Carrier and Tracking number

Figure 2


When the Sales Order is in Shipped status in Uphance, the Sales Order will be marked as "Fulfilled" in Shopify.


If you ship your customer products and they return them, you can create a Return transaction in Uphance.  The Return will add the products back into your inventory and adjust your revenues.  And, your order in Shopify will show "Returned".

If you create a "Refund" within Shopify against Sales Order that has been paid, a "Cancellation" document will automatically be created within Uphance.

Verify Uphance Integration Settings & Shopify Fulfillment Process

In order for Returns to work between Shopify and Uphance, you must validate whether your integration settings are configured to Fulfill your Sales Orders in Uphance.  To check your settings, 

  1. From your Profile drop down menu, select Integrations

  2. From the Integrations menu, select Shopify

  3. In the center of the screen, you should see "Order Fulfillment" drop down list.  Ensure it says "In Uphance".  

If so, you will need to ensure you DO NOT mark your orders "FULFILLED" in Shopify -- leave them in an Unfulfilled State. Otherwise, the Return you create in Uphance will not show up in Shopify AND your inventory stock levels will be adjusted twice.

To create a Return against your Shopify Sales Order within Uphance:

  1.  Open your Shopify Sales Order within Uphance (the one with the "green icon" as explained above).  

  2. Ensure you have created a Pick Ticket and converted it into a "Shipped" Shipment. These steps are more than likely already done if you are looking to create a Return. The Pick Tickets & Shipments are created from the documents drop down menu on the top right (Figure 3).  If they have been completed, you will see the Shipment listed in the document section of your screen in the top right (Figure 4).  Refer appropriate Knowledge Articles for each of those items for additional information on how to perform those functions.

  3. Select Return from the drop down documents menu in your top, right corner of your Sales Order (Figure 3).

  4. Enter the quantities of the product you want to return and click "Create Return" (Figure 5).

  5. On the Return (located at the bottom of your screen), click "Check In" in the top right corner of the Return (Figure 6).

  6. If you have your Sales Order open in Shopify, you may need to "refresh" (reload the page) your Sales Order in Shopify in order to see the Return within Shopify.

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

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