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Export & Filtering - Sales Orders

Uphance allows you to see all of your Sales Orders in one view and provides powerful filtering, searching and exporting features enabling you to gain more visibility into your business.

To access your Sales Orders listing select Sales Orders from your main, left vertical menu.


Filtering your list prior to an export will allow you to only export those Sales Orders that are your focal point.

Uphance allows you to filter by Season:

Filter by the status of your Sales Orders.  Perhaps you want to see which Sales Orders are awaiting payment.  Or, perhaps you want to know which Sales Orders still need to be shipped.  Filtering your list helps you focus so you can take the appropriate actions to move your Sales Orders to the next step.

Filter by Channel (Price List).  You can select multiple Channels from the drop down. When you have completed your selection of Channels on the drop down, click OK on the menu.

Filter by Agent to see Sales Orders for a specific Agent or Sales Orders not associated with an agent.


If the fields displayed on the screen do not show you all of the information you need about your Sales Order, consider using the Export feature.  To Export your Sales Orders in CSV or Excel format scroll down to the bottom of your Sales Order screen. The first two download options are specific to your Sales Orders.

Export Sales order file can't be imported back into Uphance. However, the export file Sales orders with quantities can be imported back. Columns (fields) relevant to the quantities such as line_item_product_name will be recognized by the system as product_name.  Some columns on the import will be ignored.

Fields Common to Sales with and without quantities:

  • order_number

  • customer_name

  • season

  • channel

  • order_date

  • items_total

  • items_tax

  • subtotal

  • total_tax

  • grand_total

  • total_quantity

  • shipping_cost

  • shipping_tax

  • tax_level

  • purchase_order_ref

  • payment_terms

  • incoterms

  • currency

  • billing_address_line_1

  • billing_address_line_2

  • billing_address_line_3

  • billing_address_city

  • billing_address_state

  • billing_address_postcode

  • billing_address_country

  • shipping_address_line_1

  • shipping_address_line_2

  • shipping_address_line_3

  • shipping_address_city

  • shipping_address_state

  • shipping_address_postcode

  • shipping_address_country

  • tax_calc_method

  • proforma_number

  • invoice_numbers

  • shipment_numbers

  • start_ship_date

  • cancel_ship_date

  • submitted_at

  • confirmed_at

  • notes

  • fulfillment_status

  • agent

Fields unique to the Export with quantities:

  • line_item_season

  • line_item_product_name

  • line_item_product_identifier

  • line_item_product_ean

  • line_item_product_color

  • line_item_product_size

  • line_item_unit_price

  • line_item_unit_tax

  • line_item_quantity

  • line_item_remaining_to_ship

  • line_item_remaining_to_pack

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