Shopify - Product or Price Updates

If you have your Shopify Integration settings set to order fulfillment in Uphance, you may have product changes or price updates that need to be made in Uphance and Shopify.

Depending on the number of changes you need to make, you can make these changes on individual products.  Or, you can make the updates in a batch and apply the changes for that batch.

Individual Product Updates

To change the individual products, 

  1. Locate the product you want to update.

  2. Make the change to the product (e.g. description or price).  Note:  To change the price, you would change MSRP on the Variation tab of your product.

  3. Navigate to the eCommerce tab for your product

  4. Click the Update Product button

Batch Product Updates

If you have a large number of changes, 

  1. Select Products from your main, left vertical menu

  2. Filter on the Season (or other criteria) if you would like to narrow down your focus list

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Products screen

  4. Select Export to Excel or CSV

  5. Make your changes in the spreadsheet including description changes or price changes

  6. Upload your revised file

  7. Navigate to your Integrations page

  8. Select the Season you want to push updates to

  9. Select the Sales Channel in Shopify

  10. Click Update Products in Shopify button

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