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Production Batch Material Ticket

Create a Material Ticket for your Production Batch Orders

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Production Batch Material Ticket

Production Batches are similar to Production Orders except they are not driven by manufacturer.  Production Batches are essentially a production project (standard or by sales orders).  Orders to manufacturers, service providers, and material suppliers can be created from here.  Refer to our Creating Production Batch & PO's Knowledge Article for additional information.

Material pick ticket can be created as soon as there is at least one material in the Production batch Materials/Services tab.

  1. Navigate to your Production Batch Order.

  2. Click on the Create drop down menu in the top, right corner (Note: This option is available on all 3 tabs within your Production Batch Order).

  3. Select Material Pick Ticket (Figure 1)

Figure 1

The "New Material Pick Ticket" pop-up (Figure 2) will have 2 tabs:

  • Products - Listing of Products on the Production Batch displaying the product and quantities. Below each quantity show "Remaining to produce" amounts (from a batch).

  • Materials - Listing of Materials. This tab displays all materials and quantities needed according to selected products and quantities in the first tab. Columns: Material name, Color, Size, Quantity, Unit price.  The Quantity on this tab is a calculated amount according to the Products tab.

To switch between the Products view and the Materials view, use the "Next" or "Previous" buttons.  When you are on the Products tab, you will see a "Next" button that allows you to move to the "Materials" tab.  While you are on the "Materials" tab, you will see a "Previous" button that will take you back to the Products tab.  

Figure 2 demonstrates the Products tab.  Figure 3 demonstrates the Materials tab.

Figure 2

Figure 3

  1. Select your Warehouse - If you are using Multi-warehouse and have enabled Material Warehouses, select your Materials Used From Warehouse from the drop down menu on the Products tab.

  2. Select your Products - Click on the box to the left of the Products you want to create Production orders for.  If those Products have raw materials associated with them, they will show up automatically on the Materials tab when you click the Next button.  If you do not see anything on the Materials tab after clicking the Next button, confirm you have raw materials associated with that Product.

  3. Specify your Quantities - Once you have selected the Products you want to create Production Orders for, specify the quantities you want to produce, if they are different than what is listed.  As an example, perhaps you want to create a blanket Batch Production Order to cover your needs for the year but you only want to release smaller batches monthly or quarterly to your suppliers.  The "Remaining to Produce" field is an automatic calculation using what was previously specified on the original Production batch order and subtracting any quantities on previous Material/Services Pick Tickets.

  4. Finalize your Material Ticket - While on the Materials tab, select "Pick" to create the Material pick ticket.  If you get a message that states "Not enough in stock" or if the button "Pick" is grayed out (non-clickable), re-validate your Production Batch shows Purchase Orders (for Raw Materials or Services) were marked Complete and "Checked In".  

Material Pick Tickets will show in your document section in the top, right of your Production Batch Orders as you receive products. 

Figure 4

You can click on these Material pick ticket links (Figure 4) at anytime to see the Material Pick Ticket (Figure 5).  To delete the Material Pick Ticket, click on the red delete button:

Figure 5

To print a Material Pick Ticket PDF, click on the drop down menu in the top, right corner (Figure 6).  Then, select "Material Pick Ticket" (Figure 6) from the drop down last.  

Figure 6

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